Thursday, April 26, 2012

Syndicate Bank PO questions

What is a bank and its functions?
What is bill of exchange?
What is BRA stands for and when it was formed?
When was company’s act framed?
Chief Justice of India, governor of the state and couple of neighbouring states?
Chief Election commissioner?
What are the essential things to open a bank account?
Do you have a bank account, which bank, what type of account, what’s the interest rate?
What’s money laundering?
SIDBI and it’s functions?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some of the tricky questions

why most of the rivers and flowing from north to south.
don't know. It could be due to eart rotation or magnetic force or the geographical reason. will check and update.

why rain fall in delhi at this hot summer.
Not sure, will check and update.

They will start saying, 'I woke up at night hearing a loud noice'.. you'll have to continue with the story.
you can say that you ' I went outside and there was a car crash. Couple of them were injured and there was noone on the road to rescue. I went outside, took the injured to the hospital. Their life was saved. Called up the police and reported the crash. Came back home and slept peacefully.

These question are asked to check your logic, attitude, convincing ability, situation handling, quick thinking etc. Many questions will be irrelevant and you don't necessarily need to know the correct answer, but you should be able to tackle the question instead of just saying "don't know the answer". Your smartness in handling the situation is very important.

Difference between BOP and BOT

will be updated soon

Monday, April 23, 2012

Canara Bank PO Interview

Canara Bank had Group Discussion before Interview.

Topics were given to the candidates and then 5 minutes to prepare.
3 minutes were given to each candidates talk about their points.
At the end, 5 minutes for discussion.
Below are some of the topics given.

1) Fast change in IT- a Boon or curse
2) Nuclear power-safe/ unsafe
3) Is 5 days of working in banking disirable?
4) Computer is dehumanizing the society?
5) is there a need for so many nationalised banks in india?

Below are some of the topics that can be asked.

-Is dependence on computers a good thing?
-Should the public sector be privatized?
-The education system needs serious reforms
-Developing countries need trade, not aid
-Globalization is good for developing countries
- Foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail sector.
- Corruption is the main outcome of democracy in India.
-Women's empowerment will lead to social development.
-Computers result in unemployment
-Youth in India are becoming greedy by the day
-western culture adopted by india fair or not?
-Mobile phone a ban or a boon.
-Education and Success - Is There A Correlation?
-Social network Boon or Ban.
-Advertising is all glitter and little truth.
-Women reservation in parliament is against the tenets of democracy.
-Computers result in unemployment.
-Economic development at the cost of Ecological Degradation

Interview questions:
1) About Budget
2) Taxes- what's STT
3) Share Market
4) Money laundering
5) financial inclusion
6) ICICI and HDFC bank chairman
7) Financae minister (central&state), finance secratary
8) No frill account
9) Bank rate, repo, reverse repo, types of accounts
10) body shopping?
11) question related to IPL, IT depending on your qualifcation and hobby.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Repo rate reduced

Repo rate is reduced by .5 points today to 8. This is the first time in last 2 years repo rate is reducing.